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Today Canada is the best country in world to migrate. Kindly have a look why it is so.

Canada government focuses a lot in the transition of new immigrants that is why a lot of new immigrant programs are specially running for new immigrants. Besides this many free services are provided to new immigrants.

Best country for immigrants in terms of transition

  • Canada governments offers, special prices to new comers if they want to start a new business or buy first house.
  • It is very easy to get a loan in Canada as compared to other countries of world.

Very competitive pay scale

In Canada the basic pay rate is app 11 dollars, which is one of the best pay rates in world. Besides this the average wage rates for every skilled job are way better than other developed countries

Why Canada

Social Benefits

  1. Canada has the best Healthcare system in world and almost every kind of healthcare services are provided free to people.
  2. Canada has one of the best social benefits for Kids. All education up to grade 12th is free. All families with children get a handsome amount of money to raise kids till age 16 of children. Children get financial aid from government if they want to do higher studies. That is why Canada is ranked number 2 in world in terms of raising the kinds worldwide.
  3. Canada provides a universal pension plan to every elderly citizen.

Truly Multicultural Country

Canada is the only country in world which accepts around quarter million people as Permanent residents every year. And every immigrant has equal right to grow in Canada. The perfect example of this is that more than 10 ministers in Canadian Federal cabinet are immigrants or second generation of immigrants.

Religious Tolerance

Canada has a policy of open doors for every religion. And there is no bias with any person on basis of his religion. A perfect example of this is Canadian Minister of National Defence Mr Harjit Singh Sajjan, who is a sikh by religion, and he has been chosen for this important post.

Cheap and best Quality of Living

Canada is way cheaper in terms of yearly living expenses as compared to other developed countries. And the standard of living is ranked number 3 in world.

Lowest crime rate and beautiful country

Canada is 2nd biggest country on earth. That is why there are thousands of scenic places in Canada. With more than thousand National and provincial parks and countless lakes Canada is a perfect destination for recreation. Canada is in the lowest ranking in world in terms of Crime ratio.

One of the best organized and transparent country in world

Every city in Canada is very organized and traffic is smooth throughout the year. Canada is best In terms of governance transparency, as government of Canada involves stakeholders in every decision.

Immigration Consultant Canada

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