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Refused Visitor Visa Consultant To Improve Your Chances of Immigration To Canada via TRV

At the time of applying for the immigration to Canada viz-a-viz the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or visitor visa, sometimes the application gets rejected at the immigration portal and office. In such case, you need someone who is well trained and equipped to deal with the challenges. Visitor visa consultant that can deal with refused visas are your best solution to avail. These agents are aware of the process and timeline that make them the best ones to consider for the job role.

In this article, you will get to know that when you have situations like a visa getting refused or rejected, what should be your approach to get an acceptance in the later filings.

Situations that Causes Refusal

Refusal is not intrinsic or absolute but relative in the immigration process. In most cases, the refusal was because the applicant found it hard to convince the visa officials that they have the intention to visit Canada for a short sojourn. But such occurings do not restrict the visitor visa from a reapplication. You can always apply for the visitor visa after one or two times post the application and refusal. There is a provision in the immigration program that helps in the immigration.

But when you are appearing for the reapplication of the visitor visa for the next time, make sure that you have created a positive frame of mind that helps you in the movement. It is a tough process to assess and analyze the grey areas in the immigration on your own but the scenario changes dramatically in the presence of a professional. They have a different attention to details making them best for the job.

The immigration consultants go through the data of the applicant from the immigration portal and analyze their responses. Based on their analysis, they will prepare a report that will help the applicant to make necessary corrections in their next rendezvous with the immigration agents.

Refused Visitor Visa Consultant

Absence or Hiding of Information

The key reason that most of the applicants are rejected for the TRV is because they hide information. For example, if they do not have property or anything of relevant value that will make them come back to their country of origin, they won’t be bold enough to mention that. Well, it is a general acceptance in mind that the immigration officials will judge them. They might think what if they never wish to return to their country of origin. But it is necessary to know that hiding the information doesn’t mean it is not available. The immigration authorities are very smart and they have pan world access to databank. So, they will come to know and once they do, your application will be screwed. So, make sure that you furnish all relevant details. Do not abstain from furnishing any document in the application form. The more the merrier in the application process.

Providing enough information will make your file string for the competition. Your refused visitor visa consultant will keep you updated and informed about every happening that happens in the immigration domain.

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