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Punjabis have a strong penchant for Canada and most of them from the Indian state of Punjab move to Canada for job and business. In some cases, where the normal immigration process dictates via visa application and approval, a handful of punjabis aim for movement via alternate gateways by seeking asylum. But even for the purpose of seeking asylum, the refugees must take the help of Punjabi refugee lawyer in Brampton. These lawyers are skilled meticulously to help you move to Canada easily without much hassle.

How Canadian Administration Deals With Asylum Seekers?

In this article however, a brief discussion on how to get asylum in Brampton, Canada will be discussed.


The process of seeking asylum begins at the docks or airports, where the IRCC or Immigration and Refugees Citizenship of Canada, the body governing the immigration readily specifies and analyses the case before they move to the next level in the hierarchy. Punjabis refugees must comply with the Immigration and Refugees Protection Act that safeguards the immigration. To assess whether the person is not a threat to the country, the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) in association with Royal Canadian Mounted Police will verify specific documents and then decide whether to allow the person to step on the Canadian soil. Punjabi refugee lawyer in Brampton specifically handle such cases.

How to Make a Claim?

Whosoever wishes to seek for asylum in Canada must do so in a specific and organized manner. The concerned stakeholder must file their request to CBSA and IRCC and they are the designated authority to help take the decision. If you are seeking asylum, it is entirely different in comparison to refugee resettlement. Asylum seekers can be even political or business dignitaries. The concerned authorities will closely analyze and evaluate the application and get to a conclusion before giving an acceptance. In all these processes, the Punjabi refugee lawyer in Brampton will play a pivotal role in analyzing the application and streamlining the process.

Punjabi Refugee Lawyer Brampton

What are the Implications of Irregular Crossing in Canada?

At any point of time, if you have illegally crossed the Canadian border without any valid proof of identity, it will land you in serious trouble. In such situations, those who have unlawfully crossed the borders will be brought in front of the CBSA port of entry. Or they can also be presented in front of the IRCC office. The IRCC or CBSA will closely analyse the person and find out if they are not having any medical condition that might be detrimental for the country. If the person who has been assessed based on medical records or any criminal records are free from all the charges or problems, they will be given the asylum after filing of the necessary papers. In the worst case scenario, the asylum seeker will be kept in quarantine centers if they are carrying any diseases that can end up rampany and take the shape of an epidemic. In such a situation, they will be deported back to their country of origin at the expense of Canadian government.

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