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Punjabi’s have a strong penchant for Canada and they are eager to shift to this country for the purpose of job and business. As things get to turn beneficial for Canadian immigration, you would be eager to acquire considerable share from the pie of immigration. In your limitless pursuits, having a Punjabi immigration consultant in Brampton can help you in significant manner.

PNP or Provincial Nomination Program Opening An Alternate Gateway To Canada

Provincial Nomination Program is one such gateway that can help you gain significant mileage to move to Canada. In this article, readers will get to know about Provincial Nomination Program and the changing landscape of immigration in times to come.

What is Provincial Nomination Program?

Provincial Nomination Program is a special kind of entry program that allows different provinces in Canada to directly induct skilled and semi skilled workers in the workforce for comprehensive development. The PNP program is not just meant for jobs only, rather, entrepreneurs and business people can also significantly contribute to the same and earn the Permanent Resident or naturalization status.

Punjabi immigration consultant in Brampton will help you figure out the possible profits one can get when they are going to take an alternate route to enter Canada. In Spite of the strict guidance given by the Federal Government for immigration, the PNP program is growing significantly and flourishing in Canada. Quebec has been one of the first provinces to have advocated for the PNP program for filling up the vacancies in their workforce.

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What is the Scope of PNP Program?

The Canada-Quebec accord was signed in the year 1991 in which the province has been given special status to use PNP program to streamline the immigration to Canada. Those who have found Express Entry as the tough gateway to make it to Canada find PNP program as the most suitable entry point for Canada. To fill up the job vacancies and investment requirement, every province in Canada can customize the PNP program as per their economic, social and cultural requirements as discussed on the PNP accord. The province of Manitoba has gained significantly from the Provincial Nomination Program. Ever since the PNP program came into existence in Manitoba in 1998, there have been significant movement to Manitoba using this program. In total, so far more than 1,98,000 immigrants have moved to Canada using the PNP program.

Such a track record of bolstering and supporting the movement have made the immigration program very effective and efficient for those who are finding it hard to move to Canada using the Provincial Nomination Program.

But when you are applying for any immigration program to Canada, the first and foremost thing would be to hire the best Punjabi immigration consultant in Brampton. Best immigration consultants are not just a service provider for the immigrants but truest friends in an alien soil. They do not just guide you with the immigration papers but also help immigrants with finding the jobs on a job seeker visa and even accommodation. Building endearing relationship with the immigration consultants will help you move in style to Canada.

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Rattan Immigration is well recognized for its’ excellence in Canadian Immigration and Visa services. We provide services that assist prospective immigrants in the process of preparing error proof applications and gathering necessary supporting documents. We additionally work with the Federal and Provincial governments of Canada by bringing skilled workers into the country.

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