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Nanny Caregiver Application Consultant For Immigration to Canada

Nanny caregiver application consultants in Canada give you tremendous opportunity to grow and thrive in the economy as caregivers. The program has outlined a rationale in which immigrants can swiftly move to Canada and render their services in exchange for pay. So, without any further ado, let’s check out what we have to bring on your platter as a caregiver applicant.

Is there a separate provision for the Nanny Caregiver Visa?

There is no separate Nanny visa as such under which you can apply for the immigration but definitely there is a PR provision available that allows for application as a permanent immigrant. The caregivers are asked to care for the specific families and after a specific timeline, they are requested to apply for the PR status. The Nanny program also works for the home child caregiver program. The home child caregiver is a unique way that aims to simplify the child caregiving challenges for the parents who are engaged in jobs. Some of the parents do excessive work to give a better life to their children and they need the support of some caregivers to help take care of the children when they are engaged in job and business. This visa helps in streamlining the same.

Which Steps to Follow to Immigrate to Canada as a Caregiver?

To immigrate to Canada as a caregiver, you need to first approach Nanny caregiver application consultant who would guide you in your pursuits. The employers will have to give them an invitation under the Labour Market Impact Assessment. These immigrants must also appear for the IELTS and CELPIP-G both available in English test. TEF Canada is the best way to resolve the immigration problems.

Nanny Caregiver Application Consultant

How to Live in Caregiver Program?

The government instituted work permit visa to help live as a caregiver. There are multiple visas that establish and outline immigration that helps in streamlining the pursuit to live in Canada as a caregiver. But when you are applying for the caregiver program, there are a few specific guidelines that must be satisfied like 24 months of stay in Canada followed by 3900 hours of dedicated service.

Two Program Types for Immigration

Two program types establish the route to immigration viz-a-viz Child Care Provider Pilot & Home Support Worker Pilot with the intent of providing the immirgation to Canada via multiple programs. But these programs are further customized to suit as per the application standards. These programs will come into force when you have experience of anything that is less than 24 years as a caregiver. In such a situation, they can apply under the immigration program as outlined by the immigration act.

How to Process the Immigration Application?

To process the immigration application, you need to hire an immigration consultant that will help streamline the immigration process and help you move to Canada. These experts are trained meticulously to help you easily move to Canada without facing any challenge whatsoever.

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