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Canada is the country of dreams for many but apparently everything doesn’t look as rosy as it was promised in the Express Entry and Provincial Nomination Program. There are strong dramatic amendments changing the landscape of immigration in various parts of Canada, whether you talk about Quebec, Brampton, Saskatchewan or Manitoba.

New Programs Under PNP in Quebec To Change The Reality of Immigration to Quebec

In this article, you will get to know what is the latest development happening from the world of immigration. Let's focus on Quebec for the purpose and you need Indian refugee lawyer in Brampton, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Manitoba for the purpose of immigration.

But things do not look as rosy as it was supposed to be in Canada after the Coalition Avenir Quebec discussion that has been working tirelessly to cut down on the immigration. As per the new plans outlined by the Quebec administration, they are willing to cut down roughly 20% of the application process. The number of applications has been cut from 50,000 to 40,000 and the trend will continue as the time will pass by. The administration in Quebec is all set to vehemently reject as many as 18,000 immigration applications.

But one of the most challenging aspects of this landmark judgement by the Quebec administration hangs on the reality of the flourishing economy in Quebec. The reality of a flourishing economy means that there will be an increasing demand of workers in diverse sectors and new industries that will be opening. In order to resolve the problem, the economy of Quebec is all set to set up a two tiered system for making the immigration smooth.

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In the two tiered immigration, economic class immigration will be given a priority. When you discuss this issue with an Indian refugee lawyer in Brampton, they will highlight the reason for the same by quoting that immigration to the province of Quebec will happen on diverse categories like family reunification and settlement of the refugees. For such purposes, the province has earmarked a specific immigration program that will help in faster settlement of new individuals in the Quebec region.

Under specific immigration program as outlined by the government and IRCC, Canada has given special privileges to Quebec to implement specific immigration programs that will help in outlining and bolstering the economic immigration of individuals from 58% to above 65%. The province of Quebec is also dedicated to increase the cap of the immigration significantly in a few years down the line. The transformatory amendments in the immigration will be causing significant turnaround in the immigration process. As the time will pass, revolutionary amendments will make inroads in the immigration and it will transform how the Provincial Nomination Program works in the province. It will entirely depend as the economy of Quebec will flourish and it will increase the demand for new workers in the economy.

Those who are seeking to move to Canada under the immigration program as outlined must have to follow specific guidelines and that will be outlined only when Indian refugee lawyer in Brampton will help you in filing the immigration process. These are professionals and they can give a comprehensive immigration experience to those who are wishful of availing the services.

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